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Welcome to this home education website. Your hostess is Kathy le Cordeur, mother of 4 children, and with more than 13 years of teaching-at-home experience. We have run the race and my children are all now earning a living. Two of them are studying part-time through UNISA. That answers one of your questions Ė yes, home educated children do have access to tertiary studies.

The aim of this site is to inform those who are new to home education and to encourage those already on the way. The articles will give you information about home education in general, point you in the direction of further information if required and supply you with resource information so that you are in a position to make the right choices for your family.

Since 1999 I have written newsletters to inform and encourage the local homeschool community. I have drawn on some of these to form the backbone of the website. More than fifty of these newsletters are available in the compilation Letters from a Motherís Heart.

There are many resources now available to home educators. Although I know about most of these, I do not have experience of them all. Thus I include a list of Resources with all the necessary contact details so that you can get further information from the suppliers themselves.

While I hope that you will find the articles on this web site positive and encouraging, I do not pretend that my own home runs perfectly smoothly, nor that I am superbly well organized. I enjoy a wonderful sense of unity with my children at home and we have had many positive and rewarding experiences. But I have also known difficulties, some of which have quite overwhelmed me and others that are ongoing. Godís sufficient and abundant grace has seen me through these trials. The fact that I have had troubles and overcome them, gives me the confidence to face the future. I see that these trials are a normal part of parenting and not an excuse to give up teaching at home. The rewards far outweigh the difficulties!

I trust you find what you need amongst these articles and lists. If you need any further help please feel free to contact me via email.

Please note that this website is designed with a specific purpose in mind: to supply information and encouragement to those parents who choose to educate their own children at home. While I have heard that there are some teachers and parents who have opened small private schools in their homes, I do not have a list of such schools nor do I have a list of tutors. Thus, although I would like to be of assistance to all who wish to find an alternative to mainstream education, I do not have the required information for those who wish to place their children in small "homeschools".

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